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Bil M AS is a used car dealer with a wide selection of cars in different price categories and many years of experience within the car industry.


We know that satisfied customers are the most important thing, which is why we have full focus on good personal service throughout the entire process, whether you are buying or selling a car.


If you buy a used car from us, you can be sure that it will be in good condition. All our cars are thoroughly checked and have a condition report/NAF test carried out. We work with Autoservice Viken AS, an approved car workshop within the MECA chain


Through our partners, we can offer favorable financing solutions, good insurance offers with competitive prices and extended used car warranty.


You will find us in Lørenskog, just outside Oslo so you can save on tolls. Entrance Haralds vei 12 or Kjennveien. We are neighbors to the Meca workshop in Lørenskog.

We can also pick you up from a bus or train station in the area by agreement.


If you have any questions about buying or selling a car, please contact us for a pleasant chat.

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