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Our export vehicles

Welcome to our export offer from Norway !

We can sell all of our cars for outside of EU or inside EU countries and we also can also arrange shipping of the car to nearly any place in Europe. Our employees can help you with the export and transit documents to.

New arrivals


Are you buying a car from us, but don't have the opportunity to pick it up? We can help you arrange transport

We'll pick you up

We are happy to pick you up from Oslo Airport or the ferry terminal.

Cars ready for delivery

All our cars are thoroughly checked and prepared to ensure the best quality of our cars.


We have many years of experience with exporting cars abroad. If you need help with all kinds of export documents, we can help you with that!  

Our cars ready for export


Can't find a car that suits you?

Fill in the form and we can help you find a car that is adapted to your needs

Fuel type

Thanks for the submission!

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